Friday, 8 August 2014

Idiocy of the Day: 8th Edition - Randi Rhodes on Tom DeLay

I was simply listening to talk radio over Internet, and got the initial 2 1/2 minutes of the Randi Rhodes show. Why simply the initial 2 1/2 minutes? Since that was everything I could stand.

The principal moment was a parodied news report of Tom Delay running from police in a white Ford Bronco (and it was really entertaining.) That left Randi 1/2 minutes to drive me off. Also that was all that anyone could need.

In a simple 90 seconds, she inquired as to whether Delay could legitimately vote in Florida (um, he's not been declared guilty anything, has he?), said he's much the same as Saddam, and afterward contrasted him with muggers, attackers, and so on. At that point she said she's not attempting to convict him before a trial (which is really blockhead considering what she had recently said.) I couldn't take any more. I wish she would've recently contrasted him with Hitler. At that point, as opposed to letting alone for loathing at her distorted, out of line, visually impaired predisposition, I could conjure Godwin's Law.

Idiocy of the Day: 7th Edition

Also the champ is Judge Santiago Pedraz of Spain for this stupidity.

Note to writers: If you are blanket a war, in a battle region, then you could very well get shot or exploded. Duh!